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Sense of Scale/Shutterbug Magazine

Posted on Oct 12, 2013

The assignment was to show a sense of scale.  Whether you were positioning two items in a frame that clearly defined the size of one or the other, or whether you were putting a frame together consisting of seemingly impossible similarities based on your point of view, you were to send in up to three prints for consideration.  I decided to enter since  I can always use more practice printing, dispersing, discussing, and taking charge of my photographic career.

What I didn’t expect to do was to see my photo in print in the magazine!  I was visiting Tom Szydelko (a very a talented photographer here in Chicago) and since he subscribes to Shutterbug (in fact, he had given me the magazine containing this particular monthly assignment), on a whim I asked him about it.  After searching and finding the latest issue of the magazine, he and I started to leaf through the pages-and there it was!

The shots that I was placed next to were downright humbling. It was quite an honor to be in their midst, and had I seen them grouped together without mine, I would have understood not being in there.  That I had a photo right next to theirs was exactly the shot in the arm I needed (flu shots be damned!).

So, anyone who happens to have the November 2013 issue of Shutterbug Magazine, as you leaf through the pages, please grin as you pass page 21, for up in the left corner is my little photograph!  And grin because it really made me (maybe overly) excited when I first saw it.  And it encouraged me to keep going when I felt like I should just go back to school and continue my nursing education to teach…maybe next year!  (hopefully not)

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