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Sundials and Other Stars

Posted on Aug 5, 2008

Man Enters the Cosmos, or this sundial by Henry Moore is located outside Chicago’s Adler Planetarium.  It’s a bowstring equatorial sundial.  What the heck is THAT?  Well, despite my background in science, I really wasn’t positive until I read the plaques near the sculpture.  I honestly thought at first it might be a directional device…but I knew it was one of the two, time or direction!  I was wrong, it’s a time telling device.  (what do they do after dark?)


Equatorial Sundial: a dial in which the dial plate is parallel to the equatorial plane and the polar-pointing gnomon is perpendicular to it.


Ok, that’s about it.  I love the intricacy of the actual sculpture, and appreciate the fact that it’s functional but I’m pretty sure you can read. I just wanted to capture our gorgeous skyline in the backdrop, and I did that.

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