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Winter trees

Posted on Jul 29, 2013

This was in Chicago, near Lake Michigan.  Unlike a lot of my shots, there is really no good story to share along with it.

I will share this, however:  I have perfected the art of freezing your bottom off for the sake of a good shot.  With a pair of tights, a pair of long johns, and a pair of winter jeans, I’m only about 30% ready.  Add to that the fifteen layers of upper body armor that is housed under a coat big enough to comfortably fit Santa Claus and I’m now 60% ready.  Finally, top it off with boots full of hand warmers and mittens and pockets equipped the same way, and I’m finally 90% ready.

That last 10%?  That’s the drive to get myself out there and lie on the cold crunchy snow in fifteen different positions until I find a shot that I like.  That drive is the part of my outfit I like the most, and no, it’s not for sale at any store that I’m aware of.

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