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Posted on Jul 3, 2016

I drove south from Jackson, WY and was rewarded with beautiful vistas like this one. Then, about 45 minutes into it, there was a huge back up of cars all stopped. I didn’t mind sitting there in all that beauty, it was the first time I didn’t even consider cursing traffic when it was bad. I just hung out, took some pictures, and waited. Sadly, there was a patrol car coming the opposite way telling us all that due to the nature of the incident ahead it was going to be a long time and that we should all turn back and find another way around. I was disappointed but then immediately felt guilty-at least one other person was dead up ahead and here I was being sad that I was going to miss out on scenery. They’re going to miss out on everything. From now on.

Hug your loved ones. Care for yourself. Have fun, but be careful. Life is short-shorter than some of us expect and we have no guarantees. I leave you with some of the beauty of that moment when I remembered how beautiful life is…

This is a phone shot, most of the ones I’ve posted so far from this trip have been straight out of the phone. I haven’t sat down with my camera yet and started with those images. Patience, friends.

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